Tips and FAQs on your Mail & Media job application

Still have questions or other concerns about your application to Mail & Media? We have you covered. How can I apply to Mail & Media? What do I need to be aware of? Find out everything you need to know for a successful application.

Useful tips and information for your application to Mail & Media

  • Be brave

    You don’t need to meet all our requirements 100 percent right from the start. Your personality, your commitment, and your willingness to learn are much more important to us – so we can grow together.

  • Be yourself

    We don’t want to get to know a version of you, we want to get to know the real you and your personality. So just be authentic at all times – especially in a possible job interview. After all, you’ll be yourself in the job afterwards.

  • Use our online application form

    As an online company, we prefer digital communication channels. This applies in particular to your application. So please be sure to use our online form. Applications sent by post or e-mail will only delay the application process.

  • Impress us with a great cover letter

    The cover letter is an essential part of the application. Our tip: don’t just re-write your résumé – instead, describe your enthusiasm for the position, your own expectations, your motivation, and your current competencies and skills – giving specific examples if you can. Your cover letter should also include your earliest possible starting date and your other expectations.

  • Make sure your application documents are complete

    Please make sure that the information and documents you provide are correct and complete, especially your contact details and supporting documents. Your complete application documents should include a cover letter, your résumé, your school and work certificates, and any other supporting documents.

FAQs on your application to Mail & Media

  • What’s the application procedure?

    We love online – that’s why all applications should be made online. You can apply directly for a specific job posting or send us an unsolicited application. It’ll only take a few minutes, and you’ll get an e-mail confirming receipt of your application straight away.

    First, we review your documents together with the department as quickly as possible. If you make us curious to learn more, we’ll invite you for a telephone interview, video call, job interview, or assessment center – depending on the department and particular position. The aim is to find out whether, in addition to your professional expertise, we fit together on a personal level. You’ll then find out very quickly whether we think you’re right for us.

  • What should my application include?

    Your application documents should include a cover letter, your résumé, your school and work certificates, and any other supporting documents. In addition to the hard facts about your background and career to date, however, we also want to know more about you: about your personality, your strengths and unique characteristics, your interests and passions – and also about why working for us particularly appeals to you.

  • What should be in my résumé?

    Describe your professional career in a clear and concise manner. Make sure the dates are as precise as possible and divide the information into meaningful blocks, such as education, academic career, and work experience. Please structure your résumé so that you start with your current situation. Explain any gaps, such as application periods or time spent abroad. Everything that qualifies you for the position is relevant: including languages, IT and programming skills. Of course, we’re particularly interested in your personality: do you have any exciting hobbies or are you involved in voluntary work? We’d love to hear about it!

  • Which certificates and supporting documents should I send?

    We’re mainly interested in important documents that are relevant to the particular vacancy, such as job references, school-leaving certificates or apprenticeship and university qualifications. Please only include course or attendance certificates etc. if they’re relevant for this position.

  • How can I prepare for the job interview?

    The most important thing first of all: stay authentic – and just be yourself. We’re looking for professional expertise and a good personal fit. Our interviews are held between equals and designed to help us get to know each other. Depending on the position, you may be asked to prepare a small task or work on it during the interview. Of course, there’ll also be an opportunity for you to ask questions yourself.

  • Can I apply for several jobs at the same time?

    Of course you can. We welcome multiple applications, because candidates are often suitable for more than one vacancy. That’s why we check your eligibility for each vacancy and check your application against all relevant positions.

  • Can I also make an unsolicited application?

    Yes, of course you can also send us an unsolicited application. We’ll then check your application against our current list of vacancies. The only important thing is that you tell us your interests, skills, and preferred activities in your cover letter.

  • Are all the jobs advertised still vacant?

    As long as we’re still looking for suitable candidates, we’ll continue to advertise the vacancy. As soon as we’ve found the right applicant, we’ll remove the posting.

  • What happens with my data?

    We guarantee that your data and personal details will only be used in connection with your application or to fill other vacancies and will be deleted after 6 months at the latest.

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