We let you be who you are.

We treat each other with appreciation, respect, and tolerance across all departments and hierarchies. This is the only way to ensure close and trusting collaboration within and between our teams. We are committed to diversity and a variety of personalities who, thanks to their individual expertise, complement each other and always give their best in an inspiring work environment – for their own personal success as well as for the success of the company and its employees.

Helping to shape the digital future

We provide the space needed to foster new ideas and inspiration. We discuss, analyze, test – and benefit as a whole from our desire to learn and change. This is the only way we can constantly evolve and help shape the digital world.

Our working worlds are a place where employees can live out their passion for all things digital, build on their strengths, and help shape our digital future together with like-minded colleagues.

Our work areas – your opportunities

Digital Product Management

  • What we do

    Our Product Management colleagues are responsible for all digital products and services on our GMX, WEB.DE, and mail.com portals – products that are regularly used by over 43 million users. These include both our free e-mail offerings and fee-based products such as Premium Mail, Top Mail, and partner offerings in areas such as telephony, energy, insurance, and entertainment.

    In addition to other key tasks in the field of mail services, FAQ support, and mail security, the Product Management team also works on cross-functional topics such as design, user experience, customer service, quality assurance, and front-end development for our website.

  • Why you would be a great addition to our Digital Product Management team

    For our Digital Product Management team, we’re looking for both career changers and experienced professionals. Tech-savvy and creative specialists, generalists, innovation drivers, marketing professionals, computer scientists, and – depending on the particular field – commercial specialists would all be good fits for our team. Of particular importance to us are an eye for customer benefit and satisfaction, an understanding of key business figures, and the ability to structure topics and manage them in a targeted manner.

Online Sales

  • What we do

    Our Online Sales team works closely together with the respective product teams and a large number of other departments. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are just as important to Mail & Media’s Online Sales team as trust and integrity. The team focuses on product benefits and communicates these in dedicated campaigns, which are continuously enhanced and optimized, e.g. with the aid of A/B testing. This makes our colleagues in Online Sales the perfect sparring partners for Product Management, providing expert advice on product combinations and additional offers.

  • Why you would be a great addition to our Online Sales team

    Whether full- or part-time employees, newcomers, seasoned professionals, or working students – Online Sales offers a wide range of tasks for all career levels. What’s important to us is a hands-on mentality, analytical understanding, flexibility, autonomy, curiosity, and team skills.

Online Newsroom

  • What we do

    Our Online Newsroom team provides users with the news they need. This is an exciting task with a lot of responsibility. After all, we not only have a high reach, but with GMX and WEB.DE we’re also one of the most relevant sources of information in the German-speaking world – without any paywall!

    The news we offer is varied, serious, entertaining, high-quality, and always topical. In addition to opinion pieces by well-known authors, our professional editors create a wide range of unique content items themselves. The team also targets traffic channels to attract new users, raise awareness of our brands, and strengthen ties with our readership. It’s no coincidence that our news offerings are also popular and regularly featured on external sites like Google News.

  • Why you would be a great addition to our Online Newsroom team

    Whether online, planning, image, video, social media, or SEO editor, whether art director, UI or UX designer, community or product manager – we love the pulse of time. We are diverse, communicative, creative, sometimes a bit nerdy or extroverted, and definitely have personality, and a burning passion for high-quality digital content.

Corporate Functions

  • What we do

    This work area comprises Public Relations, Human Resources, and Finance.

    Our PR department is the national and international contact point for all issues relating to e-mail and e-mail security, as well as “the cloud and internet from Germany”. The team also communicates relevant topics to the media and the general public.

    Our Finance and Human Resources teams act as consultants and sparring partners for management and the specialist departments. In addition to forecasting and financial controlling, they support organizational design, potential development, and management consulting. This means that the members of the Finance and Human Resources teams are key drivers of our business. They keep an eye on the big picture. They create transparency and develop business-relevant KPIs and reports as a valuable tool for corporate management. They also monitor compliance with all relevant laws and guidelines.

  • Why you would be a great addition to our Corporate Functions teams

    Some of us have studied, some haven’t, and some are studying right now. We have colleagues who are really good at analyzing, advising, or mediating. Others are particularly good at pooling, sharing, and generating ideas. What unites us all is that we are open, service-oriented, and solutions-driven, and that we display empathy, appreciation, and loyalty in our dealings with each other.

Data Management

  • What we do

    Our entire company with all its divisions and departments uses data to make business-relevant decisions. To enable all teams to focus on their core competencies, we rely on the data and reporting provided by our Data Management team for our product analyses. After all, with 43 million customer records, millions of page views per day, and 15,000 e-mails per second, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. The team finds and helps eliminate errors, especially in product usage analyses. The responsible and secure handling of our customers’ data is a top priority.

  • Why you would be a great addition to our Data Management team

    We have a soft spot for data, analyses, and numbers in general. There’s a reason why many of our job titles start with “Data”. Our team works carefully, precisely, reliably, transparently, and collaboratively and is given a great deal of freedom to carry out its tasks. In return, we rely on the personal responsibility of our employees.

Software Development and Operation

  • What we do

    As a true tech company, our heart beats for information technology and pioneering software development to provide and ensure our digital (mail) products and the operation of our sites. As a mail provider for over 43 million people, our Software Development team creates digital products that comply with the highest security and data protection guidelines. The team members combine specialist know-how with technical excellence. They not only implement specifications, but also integrate innovative technologies, host our data, update apps and programs, fix bugs, and make “Internet made in Germany” a tangible experience every day.

  • Why you would be a great addition to our Software Development and Operation team

    Our team includes developers, architects, engineers, consultants, and administrators. Our favorite words are system, software, infrastructure, (big) data, and tech stack – but we don’t like to be pigeonholed. We’re far too diverse for that. We prefer to work in an independent, agile, and goal-oriented manner. And we have the freedom and ability to do exactly that.


  • What we do

    Our subsidiary United Internet Media is responsible for marketing our portals GMX, WEB.DE, and mail.com. Thanks to its strong industry association work and market research, our Marketing team is able to reconcile both B2C and B2B objectives: regarding both the digital home and the future of online marketing. They develop intelligent product innovations and advertising formats for our advertising customers. And they in turn benefit from a sustainable and trusting partnership as well as high lead quality, successful advertising campaigns, first-class service, and one-on-one consulting.

  • Why you would be a great addition to our Marketing team

    In our Marketing team, sales and marketing professionals work hand in hand with product and project managers, software developers, digital natives, students, and commercial trainees. We’re looking for people who not only have an affinity for all things online, but also a strongly customer-oriented approach and are committed to setting new standards in the market and for their own career.

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