Tasks, projects, and challenges

With our well-known brands GMX, WEB.DE, and mail.com, we are the leading e-mail and communications platform in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We also develop services and apps that simplify people’s digital lives – from office tools and cloud storage to personal ID management. We create a digital home for millions of customers, which we are constantly expanding and developing to stay ahead of the game. We are not only proud of our technical excellence, but also of our independence. After all, we offer a data-secure alternative to US market players and provide users with smart digital products and services.

The digital home for over 43 million people

We enrich people’s digital lives with our numerous product and service offerings. In addition to intelligent e-mail and cloud solutions, we also offer useful add-on products in areas such as energy, telecommunications, finance, entertainment, and shopping. We are also one of the leading editorial content providers in the German-speaking world. For our customers, we are the primary gateway and command center for the vast World Wide Web.

  • Online information portal

    Our web portals GMX, WEB.DE and mail.com are used by millions of people as a gateway to the internet. They offer an enormous variety of popular content and breaking news, as well as a wide range of practical functions and services.

  • E-Mail made in Germany

    Our offerings have long since evolved beyond pure e-mail communication. Nevertheless, for our customers, a personal e-mail account is a fundamental feature of their personal digital home. Since our early beginnings, we have been working tirelessly to refine and improve our e-mail services – after all, there are few other communication tools that have enriched and simplified our lives to such an extent.

  • De-Mail for even more security

    Our world is becoming increasingly digital. Analog processes such as traditional administrative paperwork can increasingly be performed digitally. De-Mail is a state-certified service that enables legally secure communication over the internet. This means that private individuals can conduct legally relevant correspondence with companies and public authorities securely online, regardless of opening hours and their location.

  • Secure alternative to US login services

    Our netID initiative enables customers to log in securely and conveniently to numerous online providers with a single click. All they need is an e-mail address and a single password. In compliance with European data protection laws, no further data is transmitted without explicit consent – in other words: safety first.

  • Data meets life

    The idea behind our smart mailbox is to organize customer e-mail as efficiently as possible. Smart AI ensures that users receive important information at the right time for them. Incoming e-mails are automatically assigned to practical categories, such as Orders, Newsletters, or Contracts & Subscriptions. This enables users to access content exactly as they choose. Moreover, we help them discover new, important information and opportunities with the automated filtering of information from their inbox – provided we have their consent, of course.

  • Digital marketing with quality targeting

    Our in-house marketer United Internet Media is one of the highest-reach media marketers for effective advertising formats on all devices. We offer innovative and exclusive solutions for every marketing objective – branding and dialogue – and enable measurably enhanced campaign success on our high-traffic sites thanks to precise targeting. This is achieved with the aid of our proprietary TGP Quality Targeting with over 300 target group characteristics.

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