Our brands

With its WEB.DE brand, 1&1 Mail & Media Applications SE is active in Germany and with its GMX brand in all German-speaking countries, as well as in the UK, France, and Spain. We are also represented in the USA with the mail.com brand. The high-reach portfolio is marketed by United Internet Media.


GMX is the leading e-mail and communications platform in the German-speaking world.

GMX offers its 20 million-plus customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland a diversified portfolio: in addition to free basic services, premium mail, and cloud services, it also has one of the leading editorial offerings in the German-speaking world.

As a founding member of the “E-Mail made in Germany” initiative, GMX guarantees the highest security and data protection standards. De-Mail and eIDAS enable legally compliant communication on the internet. GMX services are also available in the UK, France, and Spain.

From this strong market position, services and apps are developed that simplify users’ digital lives – from office tools and cloud solutions to personal ID management. Targeted content and advertising solutions are created with the aid of big data and artificial intelligence.



WEB.DE is Germany’s leading e-mail and communications platform.

WEB.DE offers its 17 million customers an extensive portfolio of content and internet services focusing on e-mail, cloud, organization, information, digital identity, and entertainment. This includes the multiple award-winning communication service WEB.DE FreeMail and one of Germany’s leading editorial offerings.

WEB.DE is committed to data protection and data security in accordance with the standards of the “E-Mail made in Germany” and “Cloud made in Germany” initiatives. Both e-mails and cloud content can be easily and conveniently encrypted end-to-end. With De-Mail, WEB.DE offers a solution for legally binding digital communication with companies and public authorities that is also eIDAS-certified. As a cooperation partner of Deutsche Post, WEB.DE enables its users to receive letter content by e-mail.

In addition to free basic services, WEB.DE also offers fee-based, higher-value e-mail and cloud solutions as well as mobile communications, energy and insurance contracts.



mail.com is our international email brand with a unique selection of addresses.

mail.com is our international email brand, which is aimed in particular at users in the USA. It is distinguished by a unique range of over 100 provider-neutral email addresses that match your profession, location or lifestyle. The email and cloud services are available free of charge and can be extended with additional services through premium subscriptions.


United Internet Media

United Internet Media is the exclusive media marketer and dialogue specialist.

Many years of expertise and the in-depth knowledge of around 200 media and marketing experts, as well as cutting-edge technologies like Target Group Planning (TGP), innovative products, creative concepts, and the pooled market reach of the United Internet portals WEB.DE, GMX, 1&1 and mail.com provide United Internet Media with an innovative toolset from which customer-specific solutions for branding and dialogue on high-reach online offers are developed.

United Internet Media has sites in Karlsruhe and Munich, as well as offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, and Vienna.


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