Green servers for a greener tomorrow

As a leading e-mail provider with the GMX and WEB.DE brands, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment and society. We therefore operate our servers and data centres with 100 percent green electricity from renewable energies generated in Germany.

Although the amount of data in our data centres has almost tripled in recent years, we have been able to reduce the number of servers. This is made possible by our own cloud solution, based on Kubernetes, which enables us to utilise computing capacities dynamically and in a resource-efficient manner.

100 per cent renewable energy, ISO 50001 certified. Our basis for the future.




100 %

Green electricity since 2018

105 tonnes

Hardware remanufactured or recycled

ISO 50001

Certified energy management in our data centres

Do more, use less

We also want to act sustainably in our offices. What do we do to achieve this?

We use energy-saving devices that switch off automatically when not in use. LED energy-saving lamps ensure a sustainably bright office. The use of refurbished company smartphones also conserves important natural resources.

We are also committed to a positive environmental balance for our beverages. Anyone who wants to can get their coffee from us with oat milk. We are also gradually replacing our drinks deliveries with water dispensers as part of our New Work project.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

In 2023, we and other United Internet AG companies were able to keep 105 tonnes of hardware in circulation through our partner AfB Social and Green IT by recycling it, saving more than 843 tonnes of CO2. If refurbishment is not possible, the materials are recycled responsibly.

Responsible resource management is important to us! We therefore avoid unnecessary components when building our products and IT solutions and compare potential energy savings with the resources required to manufacture them before replacing them. This enables us to achieve a longer service life and thus save important resources.

Diverse, united and transparent


It is important to us to find a field of activity for all employees in which they can develop their potential and talent in the best possible way. We see diversity and equal opportunities as an integral part of our culture, as they are the basis for creativity and productivity. As part of United Internet AG and a signatory to the Diversity Charter, we are committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

United with UNICEF:

United Internet has been successfully supporting selected UNICEF projects since 2006. Together with the readers of the WEB.DE, GMX and 1&1 portals, the "United Internet for UNICEF" foundation has already raised over 65 million euros.

Sustainability Award Media Bavaria:

The editorial offerings of our WEB.DE and GMX portals won the first sustainability award in the Bavarian media sector for their transparency.

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