Jan Oetjen on TTDSG: blueprint for EU regulation can be created in Germany

Germany’s new Telecommunications and Telemedia Data Protection Act (“Telekommunikation-Telemedien-Datenschutzgesetz” - TTDSG) comes into force on December 1. Among other things, it will revise regulations on the use of cookies. Jan Oetjen, CEO of GMX and WEB.DE and a member of the Foundation Board of the netID Foundation, says: “The law essentially confirms the obligation to consent to cookies and at the same time in Section 26 provides an important approach to the practicability of user consent. With the inclusion of Personal Information Management Systems, PIMS for short, in the TTDSG, users will also have the option to manage their consent centrally in future."

Jan Oetjen – Geschäftsführer von GMX und WEB.DE

Jan Oetjen is CEO of Germany’s largest e-mail providers WEB.DE and GMX. (c) WEB.DE

“This will allow internet users to specify which consent they want to give to which websites – and at last also centrally for all devices. Browsers and websites will automatically read this information, thus eliminating the need for annoying cookie banners.

PIMS will therefore lay the foundation for greater data protection and user choice. It’s now up to the government to define the technical requirements for these services in such a way that independent European PIMS providers can establish themselves. If this succeeds, Germany might be able to provide a blueprint for EU regulation.”

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