E-mail usage in Germany: market share of GMX and WEB.DE rises to over 50 percent

With a market share of 50.5 percent, GMX and WEB.DE are the most widely used e-mail providers in Germany. 25.4 percent of German internet users have their main e-mail address with WEB.DE and 25.2 percent with GMX. Last year, their combined market share was 49 percent.

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Google’s e-mail service Gmail follows in third place with 16.6 percent. T-Online is the third largest German provider, with a market share of 8.6 percent. Microsoft’s Outlook.com service is close behind with 8.4 percent. Mail.de, AikQ, Mailbox.org, Posteo, and Tutanota are used by a total of 1.49 percent of German internet users as their main e-mail address. These figures are the result of a new representative study conducted by Convios Consulting on behalf of GMX and WEB.DE.

The majority of Germans (54.5%) only use their main e-mail address. If someone does have several e-mail addresses, these additional addresses are mainly used for shopping and other registrations (61%). Other frequently cited reasons for using more than one e-mail address include having a special e-mail address for friends (46.7%), and an e-mail address for services where respondents wish to remain anonymous (41.9%).

Confidence in US data protection remains low after Joe Biden electe

Only a minority of 18.5 percent of users in Germany have no reservations about US companies storing their data. 69.2 percent expressed at least some concern about the data privacy of US providers. At the same time, however, 91.6 percent of respondents consider security issues and the protection of their personal data to be particularly important when choosing their e-mail provider.

The new administration in the White House has had little impact on the confidence Germans have in US data protection: for the vast majority (69.5%), their concerns have not changed since Joe Biden became US President.

Methodology: Convios Consulting GmbH has been regularly surveying the communication behavior of German internet users since 2009. A total of 1,013 internet users aged 16 and over were interviewed for the current study in June 2021.

Download all data: external link to SlideShare.

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